Marketing Plan


Success for All

Atomy’s products are marketed exclusively through its members, or at least the ones who choose to do so. Regular members can choose to upgrade to business distributors for free, allowing them a) access to even lower pricing and b) the opportunity to generate extra income by introducing Atomy to others; word of mouth marketing. You can generate income two main ways: (1) by generating commission through the binary compensation plan (see below) and/or (2) though direct sales (legality depends on your country of operation).

The Binary Plan

Atomy’s marketing structure is what’s known as a binary compensation plan in the multi-level marketing world. This structure has two legs, otherwise known as “downlines” (refer to diagram below). Because a member can only have two people in their front line, any referred member must be put to the next available position. Typically a member builds one leg while their sponsor adds new members to their other leg, but not all members choose to build their legs. By signing up through Atomy Power, you will signing up as a regular consumer member, but you can choose to upgrade to a business member, which is completely free. Even if you choose not to do so immediately, Atomy Power  will be working to assist you in building one leg through new signups. Note, however, that you are under no pressure to go beyond being a simply consumer member of Atomy products, but it’s great to be aware of the benefits to be had. Even someone with less-than-average marketing skills has the potential to succeed in the binary compensation plan. In order to receive commission from Atomy, one must meet the following criteria:

  1. Obtain 300,000 PV points through purchases (PV = Point Value and 300,000PV is roughly $500 in purchases). Your points are retained for the lifetime of your membership.
  2. Obtain a minimum of 300,000 PV points on both legs each week. Commission is paid on the smallest value leg (at least 300,000 PV) which is why it is important to build both legs in order to generate income regularly. This is the only criteria! Once you obtain your own 300,000 points and establish strong legs with members who will use Atomy’s products, you will be set to potentially generate income.


Six additional key points of the system (for starters):

1. Dealership

There are five classes of dealership in Atomy. Each member is classified by his/her total volume of purchases accrued which is to influence the commission he/she would receive from the company.


2. General Commission

44% of Atomy’s entire sales are distributed back to the qualified members as commission every week.

3. Multi-Matching Bonus

2% of General Commission from the direct down-lines are given to qualified members.

4. Mastership and Masters’ Bonus

In addition to different dealerships, a member can proceed to get positions of mastership to join distribution of more profit at the end of every ½ month.

5. Mastership Promotion

There is a promotional compensation to celebrate the new qualifiers of each mastership:

6. Center Fee

After becoming a “Sales Master,” you may choose to open up your own Atomy Center in your own location to instruct new members and sell products. Atomy Center owners receive 6% of total PV toward commission.

  • According to Korean Law and Regulations Atomy follows, the total amount of commission to members cannot exceed 35% of total sales income. All calculations of commissions and bonus are automatically fit to the limit.